About Paul Lemon

Dr. Paul Lemon

Hello! My name is Paul Lemon. I’m a child of God, saved by grace through faith and called by Jesus Christ to serve Him. I am husband to Kiel, and father to Josiah and Annika. I am an administrator and professor in Christian higher education. I am a Southern Baptist Worship Pastor, pianist, vocalist, and choral conductor.

An experienced higher education administrator in academic and student life, assessment, and strategic planning, I empower faculty and staff—through shared vision and objectives—to advance the gospel and fulfill the mission of the college in excellence and a spirit of unity. Through this style of leadership, I craft biblically grounded, creative, effective solutions in an environment where Christ Jesus is glorified, colleagues are valued, and students thrive.

A graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership (2020), I also have two music degrees, a BA in Music Composition from Moody Bible Institute (2004) and a Master of Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2007), and a post-graduate Education Specialist degree from Liberty University (2014).

Promoting Excellence in Academic Leadership

Dr. Lemon coordinates a comprehensive and wholistic approach to the academic programs of the college, including development and review of programs and courses, development and review of faculty and staff, course scheduling, and compliance with state and accreditation standards. 

Engaging & Preparing Students and Faculty for Success

The successful integration of students and faculty into the academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional life of the college is integral to the successful continuation of its mission.  Colleges are not primarily known by a mission statement on a wall, but on its representatives—the students, alumni, and faculty.

Employing assessment & spearheading strategic initiatives

We analyze real world data gathered from students and alumni, faculty and staff, constituents and stakeholders, the local community, and the broader higher education and economic communities. We spearhead strategic initiatives with focused energy and intensity to accomplished each in support of the mission of the college. Most importantly, we must bathe each decision in prayer, knowing that without the blessing of the Lord, all our plans will fail.

Ensuring Operations through Policy and Procedure Deployment

We ensure smooth operation of the institution through the development and review of well-written, clear policies and procedures developed in coordination with those whom the policies will most effect.

Experience in Higher Education

Formal Education

Doctor of Ministry

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Kansas City, Leadership, 2020

Master of Business Administration

Western Governors University, 2020

Education Specialist

Liberty University of Lynchburg Virginia, Curriculum & Instruction, 2014

Music Degrees

BA from Moody Bible Institute (2004) and MM from Southwestern Baptist Seminary (2007)

Activities and Hobbies

Designing & Building

Early in my first full-time ministry position, I realized that while I love music and computers, I needed a creative outlet that didn’t involve me sitting at an instrument or a computer. After exploring options, I discovered a love for designing and building practical things around the house. Fast-forward more than a decade, and I have updated a home, built sheds, remodeled campers, and converted two school buses into fully functional RVs!

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Website & Podcast Editing

I love technology! In junior high, I began to learn how to program computers and how audio equipment and video cameras work. I built my first website my freshman year of college and have managed websites since that time. I have also assisted friends in various AV editing projects since college. Kiel (my wife) is also gifted in learning and using technology. This has opened a number of business and ministry opportunities.

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Enjoying Beauty in Music

When I need to relax, the best thing I can do is sit down at a piano and just play. I enjoy playing worship songs, arrangements created on the fly, or just improvising with various chords for no other reason than to enjoy the music. I also really enjoy playing sacred and worship music—the great hymns of the faith and the wonderful contemporary music—and praising the Lord with my fingers and voice!

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