Enjoying Music Home

When I need to relax, the best thing I can do is sit down at a piano and just play. I enjoy playing worship songs, arrangements created on the fly, or just improvising with various chords for no other reason than to enjoy the music. 

I began taking piano lessons at the age of six, but it wasn’t until we had moved the DC suburbs and I heard all that could be done on the piano that I really fell in love with music!  I’m trained in music theory and sight reading, but my strength is in playing by ear.  When I find a quality instrument like a Steinway Grand piano, I can play for hours, just enjoying the beauty of the sound. I also really enjoy playing sacred and worship music—the great hymns of the faith and the wonderful contemporary music—and praising the Lord with my fingers and voice!

In high school, played trumpet and baritone in band, and throughout college I learned a variety of other instruments thanks to instrumental methods classes. When Kiel and I first got married, we discovered Ebay and a wide variety of used instruments.  This lead to a rather wonderful addiction and the acquisition of a bunch of used instruments! While I am not proficient on most of our instruments, I do have a working knowledge of how to make sound and can run a few scales on most of them. We have also used these in support of church orchestras. We currently own more than twenty instruments, including strings, winds, and brass, in addition to several keyboards and a piano. While none of these instruments are remarkable in either price or quality, all have given us the ability to learn, grow, and enjoy music and the Giver of music!

March 15, 2020