Worship Ministry

So what is my passion? Why do I exist? My personal mission statement is this: To proclaim the glory of Christ, to surrender to His will, and to make disciples through Christ-like leadership and personal testimony in higher education and music ministry. Worship is about the glory of God! “What is the first and greatest commandment?” We give Him glory! We surrender ourselves to His will! Yet ministry does not happen in a vacuum. As worship leaders, we must bring people along, help them see God for who He is, and give them the opportunity to worship and surrender as we worship and surrender. This happens through intentional discipleship, and personal example, because in truth, nothing speaks louder than our actions.

Am I qualified to lead a large church choir and orchestra? Yes, I am! Do I understand the principles and theory of music? I do! Am I proficient as a musician in piano, conducting and coordinating services? Yes, I really am! But all of that is irrelevant if people aren’t truly able to worship Christ through the medium we create. None of that is relevant if, at the end of the day, no one is drawn closer to Christ.

So my mission, to do music well… absolutely! But more importantly, to live committed fully to Christ and to bring others along and encourage them in their spiritual walk.

March 18, 2017